Our brewery is situated in the most beautiful city in the world: Cape Town. We love our town, culture and people.

As a brewery we decided to share our passion with everyone and anyone who loves to explore, travel, pub crawl, enjoy drinks, love food, experience something new – or even go back to have an awesome adventure all over again!

We’re very proud to present: The NOON GUN EXPERIENCE

This experience is all about exploration of Cape Town, her more famous attractions – and a few precious gems to be found.

We’ve created 4 Routes that avid explorers, beer lovers and G&T fans can discover whilst being presented with exquisite views, great food, drinks and hikes!

Having been created during Covid-19, we especially focused on spots where people can enjoy beer, food, sun and friends outside. We may have to be careful, but we can still enjoy life!

ROUTE 1: South Peninsula

  • Noon Gun Experience
  • Noon Gun Experience
  • Noon Gun Experience

Sunsets, Beer, G&T Mixers and Hiking

Locations for Noon Gun Products:

  • SALT (@saltkalkbay)
  • Sirocco (@siroccokalkbay)

Introduction to the South Peninsula

Go and explore the South Peninsula, where vibrant communities thrive in the narrow strips of land on the slopes of the mountain before it meets the fresh waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The road and railway line hug the scenic coastal road that eventually leads to Cape Point, and the Boyes Drive mountain route offers sweeping views over False Bay and the Zandvlei lake. Highlights of the South Peninsula are the rugged mountains, numerous beaches, and laid back neighbourhoods of Kalk Bay, Glencairn and Simonstown.


Officially rated the coolest neighbourhood in the world, Kalk Bay just added another level of awesome when local hotspots added Noon Gun beers and Ginnic G&T mixers to their range of summer thirst quenchers.

Support the local clothing, jewelry, décor, and art in the multitude of shops along this quirky Main Road. Walk around the harbour, chat to the fishers and watch the seals hustle for fish!


SALT is an intimate restaurant/bar/coffee shop on the Main Road overlooking the harbour. SALT also has the best coffee at R10 a pop if you get there before 9am! Diagonally opposite is Sirocco, an open air, live music, people watching hangout that serves food all day and most of the night.

Ordering the seafood linguini at Sirocco’s is a no brainer. The tricky part is what to pair it with. A frosty, full bodied Noon Gun beer or a refreshingly crisp GINNIC G&T. We can obviously always suggest a GINNIC Dry Lemon or Rose to get you in the holiday/traveler mood.


Take an early morning hike to Boomslang Caves, this 4k hike will take about two hours, give you a workout, great views and a mighty thirst. A cold Noon Gun beer will await you at Sirocco.

  • Noon Gun Experience
  • Noon Gun Experience
  • Noon Gun Experience


Penguins and Beer!

Locations for Noon Gun Beer:

  • DIXIES Bar & Restaurant (@dixiesrestaurant)

Introduction to Simonstown

Simonstown, the last bastion of civilization en route to the rugged wildness of Cape Point.

Colonial architecture, and a rich military history, evident by various canons, battlements, and the Naval Dockyard, blends seamlessly with outdoor living and the beach lifestyle of a seaside town. In Jubilee Square on the Simonstown Waterfront, you will find numerous eateries and the statue of Just Nuisance, a Great Dane, and the only dog given rank in the S.A Navy.


And then there are the penguins. Boulders Beach is where the Penguin Colony is protected and can be visited, but these comical creatures are a common site on the beaches, hills, and streets of Simonstown.

Get to Boulders Beach early, and make sure you have your costume. After exploring the boardwalk at the Penguin Sanctuary it’s time to chill in the sun, photograph the penguins and brave the cold waters with them. Boulders is arguably one of the most attractive beaches ever, and the comical penguins are always an #InstaHit. Head over to Dixies to scroll through your snaps while you sink a couple of cold ones.


“What care I how time advances, I am drinking ale today.” Edgar Allan Poe.  We totally agree with this sentiment. Drinking Noon Gun beer is a complete activity worth savouring. Dixies gives that and throws in views of mountains, beaches, whales, and yachts for free.

Dixies Restaurant, with its uninterrupted views of the bay, is famed for Sunday roast, and daily breakfast and a la carte menu, now has Noon Gun on tap, to perfectly pair with everything on the menu.

The outdoor seats are facing Simonstown, and Noon Gun on tap is the perfect sundowner. Everything is better with beer?

Sites & Hikes:

Drive over beautiful Ou Kaapse Weg from the Southern Suburbs and behold breathtaking views surrounded by fynbos.

You can take a hike up to Elephant’s Eye on the Silvermine trail (just be sure to take water!). Exercised and healthy, you can then continue onto Dixie’s for a cold post-hike beer – or drive onwards into Simonstown and take a selfie with the statue of Just Nuisance – the legendary Great Dane that rode trains and was a best friend to sailors.

Happiness is often found in the simple things. A slow drive, ocean views, and a harbour walk before tucking into a traditional Sunday Roast at Dixies. Add a pint or three of Noon Gun brew and you have the recipe for a perfect Sunday.

ROUTE 2: Cape Town CBD and Atlantic Seaboard

Bar hopping, culture and gorgeous views

Locations for Noon Gun Products:

  • The Station on Bree (@thestationonbree)
  • Kennedy’s (@kennedysonlong)
  • The Leopard Bar (12apostleshotel)
  • Ginja (@ginjarestaurant)

Introduction to Route 2

From the bustle of the CBD, the holiday vibe at the V&A Waterfront to the unrivalled coastline views as you travel along Victoria Road to the 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa, the City and Atlantic Seaboard ticks all the boxes for an iconic Cape Town experience. Table Mountain and Lion’s Head dominate the landscape, a fantastic beach is never more than a few minutes away, and the boom of the Noon Gun at 12pm can be clearly heard, signaling time for a cold one.



The Station on Bree & Kennedy’s

Long Street, Cape Town’s boho hood where cafes, coffee shops, bookstores, and backpackers hustle to get your attention, competing with pubs, curio caves, vintage clothing, and an alley of antiques. When the sun goes down the energy intensifies as the party is always on in Long Street.

Work break or playtime, day or night, the doors of Kennedys are open, the beer is always cold and the gin mixers crisp and light. Sidewalk tables, a cool interior, out on the roof or upstairs at the window, this is where you chill and watch the passing parade, or party until you can’t anymore. Long Street + Noon Gun = good times.

Bree Street was crushing hard on Long Street, but many say it now owns the title of coolest street in town. The Station on Bree is an experience NOT TO MISS! It’s got vibe, culture, amazing food – and great beer. The décor is stunning, so is their line-up of music and events.

V&A Waterfront and Ginja

The V&A Waterfront is huge, the size of 180 rugby fields. It was created around a working harbour and over time has expanded to encompass nine districts, each with a unique look and feel.  Anything is possible at the V&A, from bird’s eye views from a helicopter flip or the pocket friendly Cape Wheel, to boat and canal cruises, art and craft sheds, heritage trails and of course massive shopping malls and countless restaurants.

Ginja restaurant has iconic views of Table Mountain over the waters of the Alfred Basin and the Marina. The inside setting provides a tranquil respite from the activity outside, and the perfect place to relax with a beer and a map of this vast playground as you plan your route through the districts. When the exploring is done, it is back to Ginja for a restoring brew at one of the waterside tables to admire the views and do a bit of people watching.

The Leopard Bar at 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa:

Dress up a little for drinks at the best address in town. Sheltered by the mountain, cooled by the sea breeze, the dramatic views of Lions Head from the deck at the 12 Apostles Leopard Bar will leave you speechless.

Views from the 12 Apostles Hotel = Nice

Sunset views from the 12 Apostles Hotel = Very Nice

Sunset views from the 12 Apostles Hotel + a frosty Noon Gun Brew = Ah, this is what happiness tastes like!


Lionshead is the favourite hike for locals and tourists! It is not difficult to find – but please – do take water and sunscreen. A cold beer and GINNIC will be waiting for you at The Station on Bree or Kennedy’s!

  • Noon Gun Experience
  • Noon Gun Experience
  • Noon Gun Experience
  • Noon Gun Experience
  • Noon Gun Experience

ROUTE 3: Blaauwberg & Table Mountain Views

Iconic Views and beach vibes

Locations for Noon Gun Products:

  • Pakalolo (@pakalolotableview)

Introduction to Blaauwberg

Flowering sand dunes, bright white beaches, interesting rock pools and that iconic view of Table Mountain over the bay. This is Blaauwberg, where Cape Town shows off.

Blaauwberg is for long beach walks, admiring the kite surfers flying high about the breakers, climbing over the rocks to find a peaceful spot for some ocean meditation, watching the surfers ride the waves, the toddlers squealing in delight in the shallows, and heading the call of the ice cream van for a curly wirly cone with a flake.


Pacalolo Table View

When it’s time for lunch or sundowners (or both) cross the road from the beach to Pacalolo where the views are superb and the best brew in town is on tap (Noon Gun, of course!). Enjoy a pint or 3 while taking in Table Mountain – the 7th Natural Wonder of the world.

Sand in your toes and sunshine in your hair, this is summer in Cape Town.

  • Noon Gun Experience
  • Noon Gun Experience
  • Noon Gun Experience
  • Noon Gun Experience

ROUTE 4: Kenilworth

  • Noon Gun Experience
  • Noon Gun Experience
  • Noon Gun Experience

The Jewel of the Southern Suburbs

Locations for Noon Gun Products:

  • Bardelli’s (@bardellis)

Introduction to Kenilworth

Kenilworth is in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, primarily a residential area, close to Kirstenbosch, and centrally located for heading to the South Peninsula, city centre or exploring the mountain and walks around Constantia.


Bardellis is a favourite with the locals. Situated in a house dating back to the 1800’s this venue offers an airy courtyard, friendly bar and one or two rooms for a cosy meal for two, or a gathering of friends. Their Italian style menu is well-known all over Cape Town as a go to venue for good vibes and great food. Now stocking a variety of Noon Gun beer and GINNIC G&T Mixers, Bardellis is where quality is respected and guaranteed.

Always go where the locals go. At Bardellis you get more bang for your buck and experience a laid-back Cape Town style meal out.


About 20 minutes’ drive from Bardellis avid hikers and nature lovers can explore the Cecilia Forest trail off of Rhodes Drive towards Hout Bay. It’s a stunning hike and will take about an hour and half to two hours. Please take water and sunscreen!

Cecilia Forest is a great hike to enjoy before going over to Bardelli’s and delighting in their exquisite food, vibe, beer and GINNIC!